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Natsumi’s Recipe:
-Start cooking rice

Rice 450g (3cup)
Water 550 ml (less than 3cup approximately)

In my opinion,
The heart of the sushi is the rice, and the hardness by cartain amount of water and the balance with sushi vinegar are the most important.
Because 70% of sushi is the rice.

I’m only using this Italian Japanese rice called Yumenishiki.
At least you should choose Japanese varieties of rice.

I use a rice cooker, but it’s okay to cook in a pot
Just dont cook too dry or too watery.

-Make a sauce for mariné.

1 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoons of soya sauce
2 teaspoons of sesame oil
2 teaspoons of ginger(Grated)
Mix them and heat in the microwave for a little less than 2 minutes.
Mix well and cool down in the fridge

-Cut carrots, lotus roots, radishes, sprouts and baby leek.

Carrots and lotus roots are cut to look like flowers.
Soak the lotus root in vinegar water to keep flesh white color, then put it in normal water, cook by microwave for 2 minutes.

sprouts and baby leek are for decoration, so make them about 1 cm.

For radish, choose small ones, they should all be similar size as much as possible. And cut them in round slices; super thin.

Next, we will make other big radish flowers.
Cut them about 10 times from the top until right before the bottom: 2 mm from the bottom.
And same way again from a different angle.

-Marinated carrots, lotus roots and radishes with sushi vinegar

First, lightly salt rub the radish flowers gently, and wait 10 min.

Carrots, lotus root and the all the radish soak in sushi vinegar. Close the bag lid to put some pressure ,put it to the refrigerator.

-Hurling and tuna preparation

Lick the knife as much as possible and cut it to a thickness of 2 to 3 mm.
In separate containers, soak the fish in marinade, cover with wrap and put in the refrigerator.

-Cut shrimp

Supermarket shrimp are a little sour, so slice them into two pieces and soak them in salt water.
-Cut smoked salmon and avocado. Put them to the fridge.

Cut the avocado into moon-shaped pieces.
Smoked salmon is cut or folded to a size of 2 cm x 3 cm.

-Make eggs
Bake an egg named Kinshi Egg
The meaning is an egg that looks like a golden thread.

・ 2 eggs
・ 1 teaspoon of potato starch
・ 1 tablespoon of water
・ A pinch of salt
・ Half a teaspoon of sugar

After mixing the ingredients,
Strain with a colander to smooth the egg juice.
Lightly oil a frying pan over high heat and wait for 15 seconds.
Pour in the egg liquid and wait for 10 seconds. Keep the firepower at high heat
Turn off the heat and wait 1-2 minutes.
Hold the edge, turn the egg over and wait 1 minute.

When it cools, roll it up and cut it as thin as possible like a thread.
When you have finished cutting everything, mix it with air.

-Move the rice to a vat to make Sushi rice. Cover with a cloth.

When the rice is cooked, move it to a vat to make Sushi rice.
There are 2 tablespoons per cup of rice, so this time I will add 6 tablespoons.

As I said earlier, rice is an important part of sushi
Rice shouldn’t be too sticky like slime.
When mixing vinegar with rice, it will become sticky if it is steered, so cut it into crosses like chopping and let the rice inflate.

When mixing vinegar with rice, it becomes sticky when steered,
so cut it into crosses like chops and combine the rice and sushi and some air.

Finally, after the heat is removed, cover it with a wet cloth to prevent it from drying.

-Arrange all ingredients on the table

For vegetables, sashimi, and marinated ones, drain the water by pulling a piece of paper underneath.

Prepare plastic wrap, a teaspoon, and a cloth to clean your hands.

-Use wrap to grab rice (rice 18-20g)

First, each person makes 6 balls and proceeds with each ingredient. This time it is 18 to 20g.
The size of the rice is determined by taste, but ideally it can be eaten in one bite
Because sushi is eaten in one bite.

At first, if you check the weight by measuring, the shape will look the same and it will be beautiful.

The shape is completed in the final process, so it’s okay if it’s roughly round now.

Mix sesame with rice for veggie sushi

This is the most fun part
After topping the ingredients on the rice, cover it with plastic wrap and press it.

The twisted part of the wrap will be the bottom.
And make the bottom a little flat at the end.

Avocado is soft, so put it on the lower layer.

Place 5 circular radishes, looking for a circle of the same size as much as possible.
It is an image of cherry blossoms

Only shrimp egg sushi works upside down
Place the wrap on your hand, put the shrimp and eggs on it, then put the rice on it and press.

Change the wrap to a new one for each type of sushi

When the press is over, we will decorate it.
This will be the accent of the taste

-Put on Jyubako
A traditional lunch box for a large number of people.
A must-have for picnics

-Prepare soy sauce on a small plate

You can eat sushi with chopsticks or by hand.
Traditionally eaten by hand.
Now a days let say 50:50.
Please eat in any way you like!

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